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  • Tarcísio Marinho

    Tarcísio Marinho

    Malware, cryptography, security, cryptocurrency, philosophy, liberty and anarchy.

  • Florian Roth

    Florian Roth

    Twitter: @cyb3rops Work: https://nextron-systems.com

  • Andy Thirion

    Andy Thirion

    Entrepreneur, ex-fighter, astronaut, launching a fashion line. One of those is a lie

  • Gonza Cabrera

    Gonza Cabrera

    Amante de la Seguridad Informática - WebDev lover - Adicto al café - Ateo insoportable - Birra Tester. /dev/brain: No such file or directory.

  • Skywalker


    Breaking and unbreaking things. Opinions and tweets are my own, and not that of my employer.

  • Carrie Roberts

    Carrie Roberts

    Developer turned Red Team . . . then Blue. SANS STI Grad. GSE Certification Holder. Dynamic Defense Engineer at Walmart.

  • Russel Van Tuyl

    Russel Van Tuyl

  • Jean-Michel Amblat

    Jean-Michel Amblat

    #infosec #redteam #blueteam #privacy fun in NYC. @sourcefrenchy on Twitter.

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